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I want to ask why. But I'm a coward to do that. I want to know the truth. But I'm afraid to face it. I keep on holding but all of you are making my hands slip. I want to catch up. I want to keep up. But I think all of you doesn't want me to. Don't wait for me to let go. Because if I did? I won't come back anymore. I can shut people out of my life. And when I do, I consider them as strangers. Strangers that I never met. Or even exist. Don't be sorry. Because It's no one's fault. Don't bother asking. Because I won't tell anyway. I just thought that you already knew me. But I guess not. You can't blame me for thinking like this. Because trust me, I have experienced this already before I met all of you. :)

"I'm just mad. That's all. Mad."

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