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Hi. It's been a really long while. I'm just glad that I'm back. Back here. Back to writing. I'm now doing great. Doing fine. Doing better I guess. What I want to write in the following days are the thoughts that I have in the past. (I think it's good to look back in the past sometimes. For me, the past made you the person who you are today. And I think we must be thankful for some of that "past".) So I'll label the following entries with the dates on where the thought happened in my mind. How will I do that? I made drafts of course. :D So, it can be last year or the current year. There's so many things that happened ever since I stopped writing. Yes. Good and Bad. And I think again that these things helped me build up the person I am today. And I would love to share some of these things here. Just like the way I used to do. Just like the way I share back then when I'm still my old self. :) (By the way, It's good to look back in the past sometimes. But we must move on from the past. Because that's the time growth will occur. Looking back doesn't mean you'll go back to the past and stay there. That means you just need to look back at it, reflect on what you have right now, and continue living the present. And last, Moving on is not forgetting. It's learning from the past and embracing that lesson you've learned up to the present and into the future.) :)

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